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Olivier Léost ND, Msc, BSc (Hons), Ost, MSCC, MRN, Is a graduate of the College of Osteopaths (COET). He completed the five-year course with a first class BSc Honours degree and received the Hugh Hellon-Harris Prize for academic achievement. He has since also completed the full pathway of training with the Sutherland Cranial College and is a fully qualified cranial osteopath. He continues to train regularly with various teachers around the world. tototo

Olivier is also a fully qualified Naturopath and has developed a very broad and holistic view of Osteopathy and Naturopathy, taking into account the mental-emotional and life-style factors such as nutrition and exercise regimen into his structural work. He likes to treat a great variety of conditions and problems, from anxiety, stress, headaches to stomach aches and back aches. He also particularly likes to accompany pregnancy, all performing artists such as dancers, athletes, singers and musicians including people suffering from the effects of degenerative conditions and trauma.

He is also a lecturer at the College of Osteopaths, actively promoting healthy living, body dynamic and mind-body welfare. A member of the British Osteopathic Association, he is registered with the General Osteopathic Council.  

He has been an active member of the British Naturopathic Association Council since 2000 and is the current the president, helping the association to face the challenge of the 21st century. His wishes are that the association provide practitioners with excellent services in terms of training and support.



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