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I am a broadcast television editor and as such I spend most of my day sat at a computer, rapidly clicking at a keyboard and mouse. In my early twenties I contracted a bacterial septicaemia which left me with lasting pain in my back. Over the years in to my thirties the constant sitting, compounded by poor posture, led to some deep rooted neuromuscular problems. Having seen Olivier over the past few months I have benefited enormously from both the sessions and the take home practices he has recommended. I am very happy to say I have more flexibility and mental awareness in my spine than ever before and I no longer suffer any pain. Moreover, I feel Olivier has addressed the source of the problems, rather than just the symptoms and so it feels they will not return. I believe that there is an emotional or neurotic aspect to physical problems and through the work I have done with Olivier I feel a great deal more confident in myself. Even if this is just because I no longer suffer from something which I was convinced was permanent am eternally grateful. His understanding transcends many aspects of holistic health and I would happily recommend him to anyone. Also he is a lovely man to spend an hour with Thank you.

Nicholas Berry, 31 years old, Broadcast Editor, London, January 2014.

I first saw Olivier two years after my first daughter's birth when I had a series of problems (sciatic pain, feeling out of alignment, pain in my wrists, shoulders, fingers) which had started during the pregnancy but I had not been able to address fully through exercise or physio. At that point I had almost resigned myself to living with them. But already a few sessions in, I felt a distinct improvement and soon the problems disappeared completely. I have been continuing treatment, as and when needed and have to say this has been a wonderful support, both in terms of feeling physically a lot stronger, more aligned and painfree and also in terms of feeling a lot more stable emotionally.Most recently, I had treatment throughout my second pregnancy which was wonderfully trouble free, to a great part thanks to Olivier's treatment. I really want to thank you for the great support and help throughout the pregnancy, and of course the years before, that was such a wonderful and important contribution to the relaxed and happy experience of pregnancy, birth and postnatally!

Dr. Umut Erel, University Researcher, Milton Keynes, January 2014.

I am a community mental health nurse for services for aging and mental health in Islington and believe strongly in the maxim "healthy body in a healthy mind" I am a keen runner, have seen Olivier a number of times in recent yrs with running related injuries and have always come away feeling more positive. I have also had regular massages at the Clinic which I find an essential part of my injury prevention strategy and helped me complete my 14th Marathon last sept. I am 47 and plan to run the Paris marathon this April.'

Martin Loughnane, 47 years old, Community Mental Health Nurse, London, January 2012.

My passion has been always dance since the age of 14, and I have become a professional contemporary dancer in Tokyo, then in London. Pilates was part of my dance training that took my understanding of the moving body to another stage, so I eventually became Pilates teacher, which is my second career. One day I felt discomfort on my upper back when warming up before a performance. The pain remained there for two months until I decided a visit to Olivier, who was recommended by a performer friend of mine as very gentle work that also touches the emotion. It was true. Three sessions with Olivier has sorted out the pain, and I understood that the tension is not only there but also coming from my emotional conflict within my careers. I am very fortunate to have Olivier as my osteopath'.

Katsura Isobe, 36 years old, Dance Artist and Pilates Teacher, London, September 2011. The treatment is on-going.

I work for a Housing Association as a Regeneration Manager. I was suffering from back pain and also from a frozen shoulder. I was recommended to Oasis by a friend, whose treatment had been successful. My back problems are long standing but Oasis have helped me tremendously and my back and shoulder are much improved. I certainly recommend them.'

Janet Payne, 62 years, Regeneration Manager, London, November 2011. Treatment on-going.

I had a history of more than 10 years of back pain when I first met Olivier Léost in 2002. Very gently he has since performed nothing less than miracles with my back, body and overall energy levels. In an non-abrasive way, he works in a holistic way to help the body realign and readjust itself. Just going through my second pregnancy, Olivier has also managed, in one session only, to eliminate what had become severe pelvic pain.'

Mari Bozon, 36 years old, Investor, Netherlands, December 2011.

Témoignages I am a Director of Research and first came to see Olivier at the Oasis Clinic in April 2007 because I had problems with my arm and shoulder due to RSI. I have been seeing Olivier ever since when the problem flares up and one visit is always enough to feel much better. I also hurt my lower back when I fell whilst skiing which Olivier was able to fix in one session. I always recommend Olivier to anyone I know who is looking for an osteopath.'

Jo Casebourne, aged 35, Director of Research, London, December 2011.

I first visited Olivier as I was having pain and numbness in my right leg when I went running. I had had to stop my 3x weekly runs as a result of the pain. Olivier not only removed the pain byre-aligning my pelvis he kept it from returning with follow up visits and my running felt easier and more fluid than ever before. I have always felt very safe and confident in his expert, professional and friendly care. I am now 8 months pregnant and I attribute in a large part my easy pregnancy to the regular treatments I have been receiving.'

KW, 32, Mature Student, London, November 2011.

I have been suffering for back problems for several years. I have seen various different people to help me with my back. Olivier Léost is the only practitioner to have really addressed the root cause of the problem. He is amazing and his treatment allows me to continue with doing sports and keeping fit, which I had to completely stop before seeing him and he keeps me pain free. His gentle but powerful treatments have transformed my life. I can't recommend him highly enough.'

Luisa Morena, 34 years old, Accountant, London, October 2011.

I started to work with Olivier from the oasis clinic when I started to have problems with my neck and back about 10 years ago. Olivier is basically the only person I trust in this area of my health. He has a very holistic way of approaching problems and seem to have an uncanny knack of seeing blocks and problems where others can not. I have always been very satisfied by the care that I have received at the Oasis clinic and will continue to return even though I live on ther other side of London and it takes me an hour to drive there!!'

Mark O'Callaghan. 40 years old. Professional landlord and property developer, London, August 2011.

I am a keen climber and during one of my recent climb hurt my back while lifting a friend to safety. My whole chest and lower back was hurting. I received several osteopathic treatments as my back was severally 'jarred'. Already by the first treatment I felt a great relief and could breath freely again. I am now pain free and ready to climb soon.'

Lucien Amara 29 years old. Journalist, London, May 2011.

I have always been in great health and very active. However, last year after I was made redundant, I stopped being so active and became very stressed. A firend recommeded me the Oasis Clinic and I decided to have a few massages to feel better again. Gradually I started to feel better about myself and my energy is slowly coming back. I can say I am seeing the end of the tunnel. Thank you!'

Carolyn James 49 years old. Office worker, London, April 2011.

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